Circular route Reiter Chapel
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Circular route Reiter Chapel

Circular route Moosalm - Reiter chapel and back

Starting point: Middle station Taxermoos, 1,017 m in the area of the Moosalm with an adventure playground and a pets' corner. Moosalm (1,017 m) - Reiteralm (1,134 m) marked and signed, 5 Reiteralm - Tschitscherhof, 6 Tschitscherhof - Moosalm


From the Moosalm follow the path to the barrier and the sign "Reiteralm". The lift station of Taxermoos is passed to the right before the route continues in a southerly direction over the piste to the ski start H 2000. A signpost shows the way down to the Reiteralm and the Reiter chapel. Just before the Reiteralm the pat descends towards the valley. After 10 mins. follow in the direction of the Tschwabelehof. From there, go over a meadow path with a beautiful view to the Tschitscherhof. Follow the marked path bach to the Moosalm or decend down to Gribelehof.

Walking time: 1 3/4 - 2 hours